The Aix-Noulette fire brigade

In the Aix-Noulette fire brigade, there are 21 voluntary firemen and 5 J.S.P.(young firemen).
There are training exercises every first Sunday of each month, during which firemen train so as to be ready to intervene in any situation. There are two types of exercises : fire fighting techniques and rescue operations.
As far as vehicles are concerned, there is a V.P.I. , it is a vehicle principally used to put out fires. It contains a 600 litre water tank. There is also a VTU (general purpose vehicle)which, as its name indicates, is used for any purpose. In our case, it is often used to transport stray dogs and take them to the animal refuge. There's also the light reconnaissance vehicle (VLR).
When there is an intervention on a big fire, the Aix-Noulette C.P.I. (First Intervention Centre) calls the C.S. (First-Aid Centre) in Bully-Les-Mines. The latter can intervene with a V.S.A.V. (first-aid vehicle) or even a bigger water or foam tender (with a 9000 litre capacity) or PMA (advanced medical post) or also a V.S.R.(road first-aid vehicle) with car wreckage freing equipment. In the event of a fire in a 10 storeyed building, the C.O.D.I.S.("departemental" operational fire and help centre) calls directly Lievin fire brigade which intervenes with a turntable ladder (E.P.A.). We wear fireproofed clothes(fireproof leather, trousers, sweater, helmet with flap and visor).
The Bully First-Aid centre can launch the N.O.V.I. plan(specific to Pas-de-Calais) in the event of a serious intervention. It is an alternative to the Red Plan which consists in calling the neighbouring firebrigades. It can be launched from 8 victims on.


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In Paris, the commander of the firemen is a brigadier.



J.S.P. :

The J.S.P. are young firement who can attend the training exercises. They are between 10 and 18 years old. If you'd like to become one, just ask whether the fire brigade of your town accepts juniors, if not, see the neighbouring towns.
There some work to do (winding up the fire hoses, putting out a fake fire with water, observe the firemen's training).
Juniors have to attend training exercises and official commemorations : May 1st (Labour day), May 8th (Second World War Armistice), June 18th (General De Gaulle's call),July 14th(National Holiday),November 11th (First World War Armistice), December 4th(Saint Barbe, the patron saint of firemen) and March 19th (End of war in Algeria) as well as firemen meetings

At the age of 16

At the age of sixteen,juniors can take several exams (A.F.P.S., F.I.A.S.P.V., C.F.A.P.S.E., C.F.A.P.S.R.).

At the age of 18

The voluntary fireman is allowed to intervene and can even become a professional as long as he has completed his military service and is a sportsman. He will have to pass written and sporting exams. Besides a continuous training.



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